The place is Down East Maine?

Alongside Maine’s extremely convoluted shoreline, it’s pretty straightforward to gesture towards the japanese finish of the state. Whether or not you’re in Biddeford, Portland, Boothbay, Rockland or Belfast, in case you level towards the rising solar, you’re pointing towards Down East Maine.

The time period “Down East” (which some spell as one phrase) originated as a reference to the prevailing summer time winds alongside the coast. Sailors would glide downwind, with the wind at their backs, as they sailed east from Boston to ports unfold out from Kittery to Lubec.

The time period has morphed considerably through the years. It’s used as a cultural reference as a lot as (if no more than) a directional one. If you end up in Down East Maine, you’re in part of the state the place there are quite a lot of timber, not many individuals, and the state’s iconic rocky shoreline just isn’t distant.

However the place does the fabled land start? Which may all rely on which a part of Maine you’re in.

Washington County, extra so than any of the seven different counties on Maine’s coast, suits each the directional and cultural definitions of the time period, although folks touring from southern Maine to Washington County would possibly say “method Down East” to let folks know simply how far they’re going.

So are you able to get to Down East Maine with out crossing into Washington County? Are you able to say you’ve reached that idealized place — with out of doors piles of weathered lobster traps, darkish and starry night time time skies, and miles of winding tree-lined roads  — and nonetheless be inside an hour of Interstate 95?