Letter: We must always have listened to Jimmy Carter

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Recently the information is all in regards to the climate and world warming, like a current BDN cartoon character: “We’re doomed.” Sure, the climate has been much less scary in Maine than in Texas and Arizona and, wow, Maui, however we’re rightly involved nonetheless. And but, we behave as if this warmth stumbled on us with out discover, and so after all we blame others, like politicians.

However let’s be trustworthy, you and I and everybody else had been warned by President Jimmy Carter and his administration within the 1977 memorandum made public titled, “Launch of Fossil CO2 and the Chance of a Catastrophic Local weather Change.” I keep in mind it. I additionally keep in mind ignoring it. This summer season’s climate suggests most of us did that, politicians too. Ronald Reagan eliminated Carter’s photo voltaic panels from the White Home roof.

That was then; what’s now? Effectively, after all, Carter’s prophecy has come true in spades, quicker and probably worse than specialists predicted. Perhaps not catastrophic but, however getting there. Even so, nobody appears to say Carter, not even a “Gee whiz.” Information sources reporting the story don’t recall him or his prescient warning. Why is that? Are we so forgetful? Ashamed? Embarrassed?