Letter: This isn’t the way in which life ought to be 

There’s an official signal on an overpass simply after getting into Maine on I-95. It says, “Maine: The Manner Life Ought to Be.” Every now and then I’ve thought this state is protected from gun violence. When among the inhabitants was on lockdown/sheltering in place, it jogged my memory of how I felt through the riots in Cincinnati after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.

This mass capturing can be blamed on psychological sickness together with the same old ideas and prayers. It doesn’t matter whether or not the suspect had army and firearms teacher expertise, spent two weeks in a psychological well being facility this summer season, or threatened to shoot up his Military reserve unit, as his second modification rights weren’t breached. Possibly the AR-15 model weapon was a part of the issue.

Though I brought on sufficient psychological harm after I had a psychological breakdown, I used to be lucky to show the anguish towards myself. If I had a gun as an alternative of drugs, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law and my spouse would have gotten there too late. These days a gun is remedy for what one individual thinks is improper with the world. What’s improper is that now we have a gun to shoot — and never shoot a vaccine. Prevention is the one reply.