It’s time to tax non-public jets to pay for local weather change mitigation

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Chuck Collins directs the Program on Inequality on the Institute for Coverage Research. This column was produced for Progressive Views, a venture of The Progressive journal, and distributed by Tribune Information Service.

Is it attainable to discourage Kim Kardashian from burning tons of carbon to fly 20 minutes in her non-public jet for a lunch date?

The luxurious non-public jet trade not solely exploits our planet’s treasured assets however makes the remainder of us subsidize the extravagant existence of the ultra-rich. Jet extra is a harmful symptom of utmost wealth inequality. As wealth will get extra concentrated within the fingers of the worldwide billionaire class, there was a surge in shopper demand for luxurious items, together with non-public jets. Within the final twenty years, the non-public jet fleet has elevated by 133%, from 9,895 planes in 2000 to 23,133 in mid-2022. These numbers are predicted to surge within the subsequent few years.