GOP risk to question a Wisconsin Supreme Court docket justice is pushed by concern of dropping legislative edge

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Republicans have loved outsize management of the Legislature in some of the carefully divided states for a dozen years. Sustaining that energy is now on the coronary heart of a drama involving the state Supreme Court docket that has nationwide political implications.

A brand new liberal tilt to the court docket is driving Republican fears of dropping their giant legislative majorities, which had been constructed underneath a few of the most gerrymandered political maps within the nation. Republicans have threatened to question the justice who was elected earlier this yr and flipped the court docket to a 4-3 liberal majority, except she withdraws from any case involving redistricting. The GOP is citing considerations about her marketing campaign statements and fundraising.

Democratic leaders have decried that risk as “political extortion” and are mobilizing voters to stress Republicans in districts gained by the brand new justice and to again down.