Canning is a scrumptious technique to protect your wild sport meat

Meals preservation will be traced again hundreds of years to the time of our Neanderthal ancestors once they started smoking and drying meats to stop spoilage and have the ability to cache meals for later consumption.

Canning your personal wild sport will give you scrumptious meals that’s available and handy for future meals. Credit score: Courtesy of Chris Sargent

All through the course of historical past, new and modern preservation strategies have been developed akin to pickling, salting, corning and fermentation. Important to each early and modern-day civilizations’ survival and sustainability, the flexibility to safe and retailer meat, fruit, greens, grains and no matter else has develop into the cornerstone of culinary life.

Whereas the typical particular person doesn’t usually must dry meat on rocks or smoke fish over an open hearth so as to survive, at-home preservation practices are enjoyable and pretty easy, not solely extending shelf life but additionally providing other ways to take pleasure in issues like wild sport, fish or foraged gadgets.